M Member Terms


Registration free for every new registration and activation existing member will entitle for additional 1000 points.


  • 10x points for your purchases during on your birthday month.
  • Lifetime membership
  • Exclusive member’s deals & offer.


  • M member is required to maintain minimum one (1) transaction per year to maintain the accumulated M member's valid point.
  • The Birthday Reward (10X points for the birthday purchases) is only valid for 1 transaction, within for one (1) month from your Birthday’s date.
  • Points can be earned with discounted or promotional items.
  • Members could inform to any nearby Gene Martino outlets on any changes of mailing address or contact details.
  • The birthday treat will be forfeited automatically if members did not make use of it at the validity period.
  • Gene Martino Apparel Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to use and utilize the database information for Gene Martino Apparel Sdn Bhd marketing purposes only.
  • Member’s information will be treated confidentially and will not be exposed to any other third parties without member’s prior approval.
  • The Management of Gene Martino Apparel reserved the rights to revise the terms and conditions and benefits of the membership without prior notice.


  • Earn 1 point for every purchase at RM1/USD 1 for any spent at Gene Martino outlet or Online Shop.
  • Voucher or point redemption online at RM5 with 500 points, RM10 with 1000 points, RM20 with 2000 points, RM50 with 5000 points & RM100 with 10000 points.
  • Gene Martino Voucher only applicable at any Gene Martino outlets
  • M Points is only applicable for online redemption (voucher or online purchase).
  • Any online purchase base on point redemption method will direct deduct from M point only, voucher redemption not applicable for online purchase.
  • Statement at M point can be view at Gene Martino's website. http://www.genemartino.com.my
  • Accumulated point is null and void if incorrect information is provided.
  • Rebate vouchers/Point are non-transferable and must be used for any purchases at Gene Martino Outlets.
  • Rebate vouchers are NOT refundable and/or exchangeable for cash.


  • M Member's membership is lifetime
  • Point is automatically renewed with minimum 1 purchased transaction per year.